Leo Robitschek

As mixology has evolved from profession to art form, Leo Robitschek has been on the cutting edge. Creating some of the world's most inventive and delicious cocktails, Leo currently serves as Vice President of Food and Beverage at the Sydell Group where he brings tremendous experience, leadership, and creativity to the culinary and beverage programs. Working alongside Sydell since 2010 as NoMad's Managing Partner of F&B and Bar Director at Made Nice, Leo Robitschek has been responsible for developing and leading the cocktail programs and teams at all NoMad properties. When his expert opinion was sought, Leo advised former pharmacist Alfredo Sconfienza on the conception and the formulation of Foro Amaro. Leo is a native of Venezuela and is a graduate of the University of Miami.

Alfredo Sconfienza

Foro Amaro's Distiller Alfredo Sconfienza is a graduate of Italy's prestigious University of Genoa with a degree from the institution's Pharmacy Program. Prior to his University studies, Alfredo studied at the Alba School of Enology, which focuses on viticulture (the study of grapes). Alfredo's education ignited a passion for herbals, which still burns as he continues to learn about what the earth can provide in a cocktail.

For Foro Amaro, we are always testing new suppliers of plants and seeds to find the best quality the world has to offer. Only the best will do.”

-Alfredo Sconfienza

Alfredo also achieves a rich flavor for the Foro Amaro by employing a highly scientific approach. From growth to harvest, Alfredo pays special attention to when and how each botanical is selected. Extracting the herbs is done in the morning before the sun reaches a high point. An overtly hot climate, during the collection, can lead to spices evaporating, which means less flavor in the spirit.

Plants and parts of plants at the entrance of the mill